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Nov 8, 2017

We are on our third crowdfunding campaign, this time with less than a week left: a concentration game which recalls the architecture and countries of the 1992 Universal Exposition through color and design.

EXPO: Architecture Memory Game on Kickstarter

We think the International Exposition of Seville’92 is a great excuse to either discover or remind us of this particular moment in recent architecture and urbanism, to test our knowledge of geography and, above all, to train our brains using color and design as a memory mechanism. In the end, EXPO reunites all of this in an enjoyable format through 50 carefully designed illustrations.

Our promotional video on Vimeo

The game tries to portray the global nature of a celebration where 112 countries took part, and which was visited by 15,5 million people from all over the world. A historical event that culminated in the October 12th 500-year commemoration of Christopher Columbus’ arrival to America.

We wanted to take the 25th anniversary of Expo’92 as an opportunity to once again expose our city to the world and to learn more about it ourselves (we were three little toddlers in 1992!), so we started thoroughly researching every pavilion and country which took part in the event.

After some initial tests to define the graphic code and the range of color tones, type and format, we proceeded to redraw each pavilion’s most characteristic features in overlapping color planes. Unlike the coloured buildings displayed over a white background, we found interesting to conceive the countries inversely with their silhouette envisaged as a white void of the design.

Rewards include different game sets —each one being made of 50 Crescendo white cardboard paper cards— and our own take at the Expo'92 visitor's map.

Feel free to ask!

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Is this game open for everyone to play? What can gamers gain from the experience?

Nov 8, 4:10AM EST0

Sure! We already tested the game among ourselves and it is as funny as it gets addictive. We think it also favours progressive learning as one grows accustomed to the designs little by little and improves his/her concentration skills.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 3:57PM EST.
Nov 8, 3:56PM EST0

How would you feel if this crowdfunding campaign doesn't meet your expectations?

Nov 7, 3:29PM EST0

We aren't that worried about our projects' crowdfunding success, because they have a life of their own that will go on long after that. For example, even if our present campaign weren't fulfilled, it already made us get into touch with incredible sites like Yorokobu or CityLab, which, for us, is as interesting as product manufacturing.

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Nov 8, 3:51PM EST0

What role does the artist have in society?

Nov 7, 3:03PM EST0

With his/her work, the artist renders a personal vision of the world, thus effectively changing it for everybody else.

Nov 8, 3:45PM EST0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Nov 7, 3:02PM EST0

Our main advice is to throroughly prepare the campaign, from the way the project's story is told, to its different stages and probable outcomes. We encourage anyone with an original idea to go for it, but be ready to put it to test with every step taken.

Nov 8, 3:39PM EST0

What is your favorite Architectural Building?

Nov 7, 12:50PM EST0

That's too tricky a question! Even if the three of us agreed on one, it wouldn't be the same in the morning as in the evening of the same day :P

Nov 8, 3:58PM EST0

Have you attended any well-known events that could help you gain exposure for your crowdfunding sites?

Nov 7, 11:32AM EST0

Yes! Last year, we participated in Matadero Madrid's Mercado de Diseño, a well-known venue for Spanish and European designers. We also arranged a small showroom in Seville's city center where we displayed our project ORDER during its crowdfunding campaign.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 3:25PM EST.
Nov 8, 3:24PM EST0

How different do you feel your concept is compared to anything else out there right now?

Nov 7, 9:14AM EST0

We think our approach is quite unique in the sense that it is our personal take on abstracting architecture and everyday life in general. We strive to challenge ourselves with every project, exploring unknown fields for us but always keeping in mind our background and goals.

Nov 8, 3:17PM EST0

Have you done other crowdfunding campaigns before?

Nov 7, 8:32AM EST0

EXPO is our third campaign. Our previous ones, SCALA and ORDER, were both successfully funded and produced!

Nov 7, 4:33PM EST0

Have you approached any famous people or other influencers to use your product and market in this way?

Nov 7, 8:25AM EST0

Due to our two previous crowdfunding campaigns we had already made contact with several design/architecture websites that were interested in our work. In any case, we always try to inform pages and blogs of our projects as their social influence is fundamental for us to achieve a successful result.

We have not had the opportunity yet to collaborate with a famous person / influencer… but if you give us a contact it would be highly appreciated :)

Last edited @ Nov 8, 3:13PM EST.
Nov 7, 4:28PM EST0

Is it  already availble?

Nov 7, 8:23AM EST0

EXPO campaign was launched past October 12th, so in just a couple of days it will stop being available. Check it out at this link before it's too late ;)

Last edited @ Nov 8, 3:12PM EST.
Nov 7, 4:15PM EST0

Could you team up with companies who are in the same field or similar in order to offer incentives or rewards to users?

Nov 7, 6:48AM EST0

This is something that we have had in mind for a long time and we have already proposed several collaborations with other teams to take advantage of the synergies and strengths of each one.

In fact, in this campaign for the first time we have incorporated one more member in the team, Ana Aranda, an interesting motion graphics designer that helped us create our promotional video (btw, we love it)

Last edited @ Nov 8, 3:12PM EST.
Nov 7, 4:07PM EST0

How do you think your work will impact young artists?

Nov 7, 5:39AM EST0

Hopefully our example serves to encourage more young people to start up new projects and do what they need to feel fulfilled.

Nov 7, 3:58PM EST0

What's with crowdfunding that made you choose it as a platform to promote your cause?

Nov 7, 5:22AM EST0

This is already our third experience, and in all cases we have received support and interest from many people who have made it possible for things we had in our minds and hands to become a reality.

Nov 7, 3:43PM EST0

What themes do you pursue?

Nov 7, 1:08AM EST0

Behind every project, we always see the opportunity to investigate interesting issues related to the city, art and architecture so that we can enrich ourselves and the people who may feel identified with the things we propose.

Nov 7, 3:34PM EST0

What’s your background?

Nov 7, 12:35AM EST0

The three of us are young architects who originally made friends at university. We started creating an architecture blog at a time when we were physically separated (in Barcelona and Rome) that has been evolving steadily until turning into an architecture & design studio.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 3:11PM EST.
Nov 7, 3:25PM EST0

What is your biggest inspiration when you work?

Nov 6, 9:29PM EST0

We try to develop products based on architecture, but using more fun and innovative formats that may seem interesting to more people. We remain alert to other design studios but we also like to have enough freedom to create unusual things.

Nov 7, 3:18PM EST0

What do you feel the biggest benefits of Crowdfunding are?

Nov 6, 8:41PM EST0

It is a very helping tool that allows you to reach almost all the places in the world, and that in many occasions makes possible the realization of interesting projects thanks to all the support of the people.

Nov 7, 3:12PM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 6, 6:20PM EST0

We are from Seville, a nice city in southern Spain. In fact, this project talks about one of the most interesting events that have taken place here: the Universal Exhibition in 1992 (that at the beginning was going to be carried out jointly with Chicago).

Nov 7, 3:05PM EST0

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Nov 6, 5:51PM EST0

It is difficult to know where the three of us will be in ten years, because design and architecture are always unpredictable and very changing fields, but hopefully this line of work that we have started keeps growing in the future. We like what we do.

Nov 7, 2:57PM EST0
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